Why Volofit?

An eye to the future of fitness.

Owning a Volofit fitness franchise is more than just joining the ever-expanding boutique fitness franchise industry. It’s a savvy investment in a concept with an eye to the future of fitness.

Top fitness professionals and best-in-class technology lead to results-driven outcomes that reshape the consumer’s choice into a commitment, making Volofit one of the best fitness franchises to own.

A Founder Brings Success to Fitness Leaders’ Concept.

Fitness Franchise - Founder

After spending over two decades working with companies across all disciplines to acquire, grow, and capitalize, Britt wanted to create his own business growth story. He was a lifelong fitness enthusiast and believed in the boutique studio business potential. That’s why Britt came together with some of the greatest minds in the industry to design the Volofit experience and launch a studio concept that stands out from all the rest. Combined with our Tough Mudder heritage, Volifit has a history built around success.

“Volo” is Latin for “I wish” or “I want” and therefore Volofit’s approach is inherently motivated to answer each and everyone’s choice to be fit.

The Volofit workout is different.

By continuously shifting modality, speed, intensity and duration, our functional HIIT exercises are specifically designed to maximize total body performance.

Commitment to Community.

No fitness journey is made better alone. The VFam community and group support is essential to achieving individual fitness goals.

We believe Volofit ownership should be approached the same way. Our leading VFam training and support team will put you and your studio on the path to success.

Ready to begin your Volofit ownership Journey?

How a focus on whole-body fitness for all, community, and positivity powers the Volofit franchise.

Learn how Volofit could be the fitness franchise that fits your ownership philosophy. Contact us today, and see if we might be right for each other. It could be the first step in your new career!