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Boutique Fitness Franchises: 4 Reasons to Invest

by | Oct 15, 2022 | General | 0 comments

So, what makes a boutique gym franchise so attractive? Here are four factors at play.

Few activities and hobbies ignite as much passion as fitness. There is a range of ways to fill that passion – from playing sports to lifting weights to training for a competitive run. Many fitness enthusiasts want to take the next step by translating their interest into a career, often leading them to business ownership. While fitness businesses can vary, boutique fitness franchises are becoming one of the most popular entrepreneurship opportunities available, and people are finding more reasons to get into the gym than ever before.

So, what makes a boutique gym franchise so attractive? Here are four factors at play.


Growth Potential

While group fitness has been around for decades, there is still massive opportunity for growth in the industry. Boutique fitness itself is rapidly becoming one of the most popular concepts for both members and owners. The industry’s growth outpaced the overall economy by over 70% in the 25 years between 1996 and 2019, with boutique fitness studios accounting for over 40% of the market, according to studies by IHRSA. And still, there’s room to find even more success.

Smaller Footprint

When thinking of gym franchises, many entrepreneurs picture the big-box brands with massive square-footage and a set layout for members to lift weights or run on a treadmill. It can be difficult to find the right space for these gyms, and even harder to pay the overhead costs of such a large site.

Boutique fitness eliminates many of those headaches. With much more flexibility of site selection, you can be more particular about the building and location of your new studio. That allows you to make the right choice when it comes to getting more traffic in the door and a better decision for your bottom line as well.

Loyal Membership

Big-box models, while having plenty of success, rely on memberships that are mostly passive. Boutique fitness turns that concept on its head, emphasizing a personalized approach to achieving each member’s fitness goals with the added benefit of a support community. Stats back up the benefits of group fitness, showing we get more out of workouts when done in a group setting. That not only keeps members coming back but also leads to a lot of referrals, which is good for business.


In addition to the benefits of boutique fitness concepts, franchising offers the added boost of a proven model and ongoing support. Time and time again, studies have shown franchising offers a better chance at long-term success than independent small businesses. Rather than deal with the heavy lift and headaches of gym ownership on your own, you’ll have a blueprint and the help of industry experts to guide you towards success.


If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity with growth potential and a unique concept in the boutique fitness industry, then Volofit is perfect for you.

Born out of the national fitness sensation Tough Mudder, Volofit is a unique HIIT concept that offers a different workout experience – and a different studio layout – every single day. Our team at the home office includes industry veterans and business experts who have worked with some of the biggest brands in fitness and finance. They’re here to make sure you have the foundation and the ongoing support necessary to succeed as Volofit expands throughout the nation.

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