Boutique Fitness Industry

Redefining the fitness market

The boutique fitness industry is redefining the fitness market, and rapidly gaining market share in the fast-growing $32 billion health and fitness club industry.
Volofit sits at the epicenter of the boutique fitness industry, with its unique business model capitalizing on fitness and consumer megatrends driving growth – community, technology, group fitness and high intensity interval training (HIIT). As a Volofit owner, this translates into the opportunity for a dynamic and growing studio.

The Benefits of Community

Volofit studios are powered by VFam, an inspiring and supportive community passionate about members achieving their health and fitness goals. Volofit members know, VFam has their back!

Technology Powering Results

Volofit’s results-focused culture utilizes proprietary programming delivery technology, state-of-the-art wearables and smartphone technology to provide members with powerful data to set goals and track health and fitness results.

Winning Value Proposition

Simply put: Volofit’s curated group fitness model offers personalized training at a group price. This is a value proposition that is tough to beat in the fitness industry.

Keeping Fit With HIIT

HIIT training is a red-hot trend, thanks to its proven health benefits. Volofit’s unique studio setup, technology, and fitness modalities are designed to maximize fitness results through HIIT.

Bring a Volofit Franchise to Your Community

Explore the Volofit franchise opportunity and see why our model maximizes the hottest trends in the boutique fitness industry.